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Self-Catering Halls of Residence

During the busy summer months the school has modern, residential, self-catering residential rooms available at Sedley Court. The residence offers more independence to students who want this option.

  • Single room with desk, private shower and toilet
  • Fully equipped shared kitchens with widescreen TV/DVD
  • Rooms and kitchens cleaned every week
  • Laundry service available
  • Minimum age 17

Please note: A two-week notice period is required if you wish to leave the residence prematurely.

Sedley Court

Sedley Court residence is located east of the school, at the end of a quiet residential street, and is close to a wide variety of shops and cafes in Mill Road. This residence and is about 15 minutes on foot from the train station and about 25 minutes on foot from the school.

Students are met at the main reception office by a member of the staff. The office is manned 24 hours a day. Each room has a private shower and there are five rooms to one shared kitchen. All bedding (sheets, pillow and duvet), cutlery and kitchen utensils are provided by the school. Sedley Court is a non-smoking zone. There is also a dining area with table and chairs and widescreen TV/DVD. The accommodation is self-catering - students do their own shopping and cooking. The rooms and kitchen are cleaned once a week.

There is also a specially designed launderette available to students at discount student prices. It contains washing machines and driers for the students to do their own clothes washing.  Free internet access is available. Sedley Court is a non-smoking zone.

"The warden made us feel very comfortable"