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Typical Prices

Below are some typical prices of everyday items - please note that these can change.

Everyday items

Can of Cola


Meal Deals


Pint of Beer


Burger & Chips


Cigarettes (20)


Swimming Pool


Cinema Ticket


Sim card


Travel Adaptor



A Weekly bus ticket for Cambridge City Centre is normally around £12.50

A Taxi fare to Cambridge City Centre will cost you around £8.00

One Day return ticket to London inc. Travel Card is normally between £22.00 and £33.50

Most students hire a bicycle because it is the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to travel around the city. There are many cycle routes around the city. Long-stay students usually buy a bicycle - typically this costs about £70. 

Approximate hire charges are: 
2 weeks: £32.00  4 weeks: £41.00  12 weeks: £57.50