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  • The New School of English is accredited by 'Accreditation UK'. This body is in turn recognised as a valid institution by the UKBA. The New School of English is therefore able to issue documents required for a Student Visitor Visa (SVV) and an Extended Student Visitor Visa (ESVV).
  • If you need a visa to enter the UK, you must first send the enrolment form, a copy of your passport to include your full name and key details and deposit. When we have received the enrolment form and deposit, we will provide you with documents that, together with other documents and information that you will have to provide, will help you obtain a visa. For detailed information on visas, please see the UKBA web site - . For advice you can also contact your nearest British Council Office

Student Visa - Important Info

  • You are expected to complete the course on which you have enrolled and to attend all classes. If you fail to do this, the school may inform the UKBA about this matter.
  • If you decide to leave your course before you are due to finish, it is your responsibility to inform the school of a contact address, in compliance with visa rules and regulations. The school will inform the UKBA about your decision to finish your course earlier than you had originally intended.